First Week of May

It's such a weird feeling when you have so much going on, but still so little. Next week my flight back to Sweden is scheduled and my big move home. It feels so close but so far away. I have stuff to organize and prepare for when I'm in Sweden, but since I don't have much obligations here other than enjoying Shanghai and spend the last time with friends I feel so lazy. I want this last week to go by fast so I can be home again, but I don't want it to end since it's the last time in a long time I have with my friends here :( So sad.
Well, I wanted to share with you what I've been up to last week, since it was also Labour Day and a long weekend for people here in China.
My little sisters birthday! :) We spent the day packing up the last things, throwing out A LOT of shit and later in the day moving to our new apartment.
Since it's very cheap and easy to buy movies here in China we have been collecting quite a few movies and series.. All of them now given away since we don't really care to bring it to Sweden, and I don't think they will pass the security ;)
Our bedroom. We decided to leave the nightstands, desk and chair. But the rest was there when we moved in.
And the living room/kitchen/hallway. The sofa we bought (seen in first pic) Filip gave to a friend before we moved out. But here you can see how tiny our little nest was. I loved it. The apartment wasn't anything special, but it was OUR space. 
I spent the day in our new apartment, organizing and repacking my bags. Also sorted out even more clothes... 
This is our new little space until end of June (for Filip at least).
My pile of clothes I'll give away. It ended up being double the size when I was done, and I might need to look it over one more time before I leave.. 
I spent the morning looking over our new apartment in Sweden and which furniture to buy. Since we didn't save any furniture when we left Sweden we need to now buy everything! So after receiving the measurements for the new apartment, we can finally start planning what to buy and where to place it :)
I also went for lunch with some friends, AND passed by the old apartment to hand over the keys!
Spent the morning with Filip (since he now had some days off work), we went for lunch and a coffee in Jing'an before I meet Sarah at the fabric market. 
We then meet up with the princess who's finally back from his trip in Indonesia. Such a babe! ;)
We went to The Cut Rooftop, had some drinks and later a drunken dinner before going home to sleep. hehe. The Mojitos were simply to good to resist.
A calm day at home, watching series and sleeping on the sofa. And in the afternoon I meet with Sarah for some mani and pedi. We then went to Tres Perros for dinner. I've always heard so good of this tapas place so I needed to try :) It was super good, and good prices. Only thing to complain about was the desserts. Not the best!
Time for some more quality time with Sarah, so we meet up for Brunch at one of my favorite places Green & Safe.
Since we decided to really indulge and stay a while we ordered so much food. haha. Everything from salad, yoghurts, pancakes and avocado toast to calamari and carrot cake. YUM
Everything was amazing and we basically rolled out from there and on to a bus for a little trip to Columbia Circle. It's a place popping up on peoples Instagram all the time so I wanted to check it out.
My beauty.. who always tags along on my crazy adventures!
The Columbia Circle used to be the American Country Club, but it's now open and full of coffeeshops and cute places. The "famous" part of this place and whats showing up on peoples instagrams is of course the pool.
It´s beautiful!
Afterwards we were so tired, and still full from brunch, so we went separate ways and back home. I took a shower and put on a pajama (Filip´s actually, that he got at a friends birthday party last year). Filip and I ordered some Mcdonalds and spent the rest of the evening on the sofa watching Game of Thrones.
No pictures taken but it was a day spent with Filip. We went downstairs to buy breakfast at Starbucks and around lunch time we went to french concession to stroll around. We ended up at Bull&Claw for an hour hanging out with some coworkers of Filip, before we moved on to Moka Bros to eat. We then passed by the video store, but they didn't´t have what we looked for so we left empty handed. We went back home, ordered some food and spent the evening on the sofa :) A perfect Saturday!
Filip and I had a brunch booked at The Ritz-Carlton in Jing'an. It was amazing food + free-flow, and as always I had a great time just talking and enjoying the brunch with my darling. Discussing our move to Sweden, the future and everything we look forward to.
It doesn't look like much but this was just the starter plate.. My skirt almost burst open end of the brunch. haha. And as always I spilled some mango sauce from the dessert on my white blouse. How come I never learn to have a napkin or something when I eat?! haha
We were only 3 tables at the brunch, but I guess it will start filling up coming weeks since the food you get for this price was super, and it recently just opened.
After brunch I took a DiDi to The Cut Rooftop and meet with Victor and 2 of his friends. As before, the mojitos was to good to resist so I ended up with 2 ;) Me and Victor then went on to Sushi´O on Yongkang for dinner. 
After dinner and some talks we decided to go for a massage at my favorite place called Zen massage, next to where I used to live. One hour later we said buy and I went home. 
It has truly been an amazing week filled of quality time with my favorites, good food and just time enjoying Shanghai. I feel sad to leave all of this, but I really look forward to moving back home!
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